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Antwerp Shoe Room


Open Door 21 & 22 August 2017

About ASR

ASR, abbreviation for Antwerp Shoeroom, is a division of Antwerp Fashion Agents, gathering all major shoe showrooms in Antwerp and created under the impulse of Philippe Rousseaux from Showroom Atmosphere, Mike Van Bouwel from Piessens and Dennis Thijssens from Looks Agencies.

Its aim is to promote the Shoe and  accessories business in Antwerp in general, and to establish a connection and collaboration between the different Fashion Shoe and accessories-agents in Antwerp.

A first event was organized the 22nd of February 2010. The Open Door Weekends are taking place twice a year and other happenings will be linked to this event, high-lightening the importance of Antwerp as both Fashion Centre and Shopping City of Belgium. For all further information and how to become a member of ASR please make contact with us by mail. : info@antwerpshoeroom.com